Traveler’s skin care : from Guinot

  • Refreshing toning lotion
  • Mask Eclat lifting
  • Serum Hydra Cellulaire
  • Hydrazone Dehydrated

Traveler’s budget skin care :

  • Pevonia power repair hydrating toner
  • Sephora Avocado face mask ( before mask ,apply  Oznaturals Hyaluronic acid serum)
  • Boots No 7 -Luminate night cream for moisturizer


Products we use :

  • Guinot ( french),


  • Ilike( hungarian organic)
  • Christina Moss (vegan,organic)
  • Garden of wisdom (american, vegan,organic)
  • Clarins for men ( french)
  • La Chinata ( spanish organic)
  • Alpine Silk ( from New Zealand)

         Guniot                        Zinc Oxide and Azulene wax 

Ilike                                         “Intensive”  Eyelashtint

Comfort Soul extra cushioned bed

Do’s and don’ts before wedding:

Do’s :

  • During wedding the face and the arms/hands get the most attention from the photographer.Make sure you get your arms and fingers waxed,eyebrows groomed ,face waxed if needed.
  • Get your spray tan done 2 weeks before wedding and have a trial appointment 2 month prior.
  • Start applying body lotion and exfoliator  weeks before
  • Get trial make up done and take pics, so you will see what it will look like.Get it done in the morning and wear it all day so you will see if it lasts.
  • The latest you can have extraction done is 1 month before wedding.After that only moisturizing.make sure you get series of facial couple month before.So the make will look more natural,rather then the foundation sticking to the dead skin layer and cracking.


  • Don’t start using new product lines 2 month before the wedding.You don’t know what your skin’s reaction will be.
  • Don’t  get any new service done such as body scrub in a spa the day before.If your skin will react you won’t be able to calm it down.
  • Don’t go to tanning bed 2 weeks prior wedding. (it’s harmful anyway)

Things to know before you buy a moisturizer:

  • The packaging box  the moisturizer is in, lists  all the ingredients .So take a pics and save it just in case you are allergic to some ingredient in it ( mostly only European products list their ingredients on the container also)
  • If you don’t see any of the following ingredients in the list very likely it won’t be effective (Collagen,Peptide,Vitamin C,Retinol or Retinol Palmitate, Hyaluronic acid,Kojic acid,Ceramide ,Niacinamide- B3 vitamin,Tocopherol-Vitamin E)
  • The difference between a moisturizer that is over the counter  or the one from a spa or skin care expert is  the packaging and ingredients.The OTC product lines  use more shiny(gold or silver) and bright colored packaging for advertisement purposes.The ingredients in these products will be for basic skin care ,not for targeted problems such as rosacea,cystic acne,post laser skin care,cancer related skin care etc…Unlike if you buy a professional product from your spa or skin care professional they only have maximum 2 color in the packaging ,and their ingredients target specific skin conditions.The color of their product packaging is usually  soft ,pale colors.I favor European skin care or hair care products if i buy over the counter.I never experienced  unfavorable skin reactions when I’m using  French,Italian, Spanish, Swiss,Hungarian products.
  • Make sure you get specific skin care products for your skin type.Otherwise you waist your money and delay result.You can get your skin diagnosed at a spa or skin care salon while you get your eyebrows done.
  • Do your research about the company you buy skin care products from.I came across lately a lot of skin care product where there is no company,lab  or person behind it .Be aware of scam videos that are circulating the internet promising unrealistic results.Some of these videos are make up scams.The professional paint dark circles on the model ,take pics,and through the edited video the dark circle disappears in minutes( they usually cut the video together unprofessionally ,so if you watch it carefully and you slow it down you will see the tricks) 
  • Ingredients to look for if you have certain skyn type:for OILY skin:algea,glycolic acid,lactic acid,retinol,azaleic acid,niacinamide,aplha hydroxy acid,willow bark,panthenol,sulfur,malic acid,for DRY skin:alpha hydroxy acid,glycolic acid,peptide,hyaluronic acid,shea butter,algea ,tocopherol,panthenol,jojoba,coconut, MATURE skin:collagen,algea,niacinamide,hyaluronic acid,peptide,