Fall Exfoliating Tips




It won’t irritate even the most sensitive skin.Fruit enzymes help dissolve built up dry skin layer and have a clean,smooth,fresh feeling cheeks again.Exfoliating is very important .The only way any moisturizer would absorb is if we remove the dry layers.Otherwise you are waisting your moisturizer.Just simply won’t absorb.It would be like applying body lotion through pentyhose.How much really going to absorb?Not much.


This Guinot Body scrub has a pleasant mild scent that suits either gender.

dr. brandt<sup>®</sup> microdermabrasion

This is a much more invasive exfoliating scrub.I don’t recommend this for daily use.Only once a week.Make sure you use a toner ( not astringent!) after you rinsed the face.And of course moisturize with preferably collagen,hyaluronic acid or peptide moisturizer.

Exfoliating face wash:


These cleansers won’t srtip the natural oil off your skin like most over the counter product that will causing more excessive oil production and acne breakout.These products by  regulating oil secretion and oxygenating the skin’s surface   help maintain a balanced skin condition.


This product is also very good for acne .Even though it’s made for pigment lightening,i found that the lactic acid in it really helps keep acne in bay.

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