Our goal is to improve all skin conditions.We don’t believe in skin care  products that made for “all skin types”.A teenager has completely different skin type then a person in menopause or someone who just underwent chemo therapy.

Also different ethnicity skin require different types of facials and skin care products.What works for an Asian skin won’t necessarily work for a Caucasian or African american skin.Individualized facials are caring for the persons skin and specializing the skin care treatment for each individual.We don’t do standarized facials and using products that is good for every skin type.

About Krisztina

Her hometown is Szentes,Hungary


Szeged,Hungary,she got her aesthetician degree here



 What to see and eat If you are in Hungary:

Many people only see Budapest when they travel to Hungary.It is a beautiful city but there are other spectacular places that are differently scenic.Such as lake Balaton( Balatonfured,Heviz),Godollo ( castle),Szentendre(just outside of Budapest).

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